• Green nephrite jade dragon


    This is the first "Dragon" carving in China history that was made from green nephrite jade about 6000 years ago.

    Orange Fish
  • Canadian nephrite jade


    Canadian nephrite jade is the best green nephrite, with its bright color, high density, and purity.

    Sea Turtle
  • Green nephrite jade resource


    Provide the most comprehensive Canadian nephrite jade resource

    Red Coral
  • BC nephrite jade


    BC nephrite or BC jade, also called Canadian nephrite or Canadian jade,represents the most important nephrite in the world.

    Coral Reef

Canadian nephrite jade products
  • Jade Pendant

  • Jade Pendant

We specialize in rough nephrite jade, sourced from Canada, Russian and other countries, marketing and distribution of rough Canadian nephrite jade, designing and processing jadeware, and jade business consulting. Our mission is to turn Canadian nephrite jade into one of the top jade brands in China, promote Canadian jade and Canada.

Canadian jade rough stone

Canadian jade rough stone

With our nephrite jade processing facilities in South China, we have the capability of designing and processing jadeware using nephrite jade mined in BC, and market these jadeware in Greater China market as well as in the North America market and the rest of the world. By allying with the most famous Chinese carving artists including some of the winners of Tiangong Jiang Jade carving contests, we are able to produce many popular and prestigious jadeware using the rough nephrite jade.

We also help other nephrite jade miners and explorers/prospectors in other countries to market and export their rough jade to China market.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about nephrite jade exporting, sourcing/mining, marketing, processing, and current China jade trend/pricing, etc.

Green jade is the most popular jade gemstone. We offer real jade pendants, carvings, sculptures, and other jade jewelry and gifts, all carved from 100% Canadian natural green jade. Please browse the stunning jade jewelry below, enter our store site, and select the ones for yourself or to give as amazing gifts.