If you have large volume of jade for sale, we would like to buy your nephrite jade if quality is good. Whether it is BC or Yukon jade, or Siberian jade, or Wyoming or Cowell black jade, or mined from centrial America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, middle East, Yemen, no matter it is white, green jade, or black, or no matter the stones are boulders or cut blocks, we will buy them, in tonnage. We are the largest nephrite jade buyer, exporter and marketer. We buy nephrite from anyone if quality meets our requirement and .

Please also refer to How to Sell Your Rough Jade Stones

We always look for high quality nephrite jade. Our jade specifications: uniform in color, hardness 6.0 - 7.0, translucent under flashlight,

River boulders, alluvial boulders, cut blocks, we buy your nephrite if you have large volume.

We help jade miners, jade hunters, rockhounds, prospectors, and individual rough jade owners or collectors who want to sell their rough nephrite or loose jade.
Please send us pictures of your jade to be sold, and dimension and weight information. We can offer you a very reasonable and competitive purchasing price.

Please use Contact Us page to send us an email or give us a call when you plan to sell your raw jade.